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PE bags update


27th August '16

Having been shopping with my own daughter, looking for a suitable PE bag, I think I may have found the perfect one.  She is now the proud owner of a very simple rucksack from Decathlon (and only £1.99). It has the softness of a traditional PE bag, but with the usefulness of proper straps for taking to and from school each 1/2 term, rather than the stupidly long cords that PE bags usually have.  Having already got one, which we used very successfully on holiday, I am confident it will work well.


This is not an official endorsement by the school, but just a personal piece of information, which you may find of use.


Mrs Gartside



3rd August '16

I hope you're all enjoying your summer.  Whilst shopping for my own daughter, it occurred to me that we didn't explain about the kind of bags your child will need.   There is very little room so..


  • PE kits need to be in soft, draw string bags, NOT a rucksack, unless it's a very soft fabric (see above).
  • Book bags need to be the flat type, NOT a satchel, as they need to go into small trays.  They can be decorated with stickers, or sew on badges for easy recognition, but avoid putting key-rings onto the handles, as these get trapped in the trays, stopping them closing.


P.S. They should not have their water bottles in their bags, as this causes leaks & they should not have pencil cases. 

New Starters Arrival and Collection, September 2016


Just a quick reminder for those of you who are unsure :-


Children born between 1.9.11 and 30.3.12 will attend mornings, 9am to 11am, from Tuesday 6th September to Friday 9th September, then full time from Monday 12th September.


Children born between 1.4.12 and 31.8.12 will attend afternoons, 1:25pm to 3:25, from Tuesday 6th September to Friday 9th September, then full time from Monday 12th September.


  • All children will be dropped off and picked up from the Reception play area, not the front foyer.
  • Once full time, if possible, could adults stay behind the fence in the mornings (with the children inside the area) and inside the area when collecting them.  
  • For the children's safety, we man the gates at home time, to ensure all children leave with the correct adult. Please do not lift them over the fence.

A note about sun cream in Reception Year -


When the weather is likely to be sunny, please apply sun cream to your child before they come to school. Please do not send sun cream into school with your child. We cannot expect the children to apply the cream successfully by themselves, and we, the team, cannot apply the cream for them.

The sun cream dispensers we have in school are not for the Reception children for the same reason as above, so please do not encourage your child to use them.

A sun hat is also essential on sunny days, or potentially sunny days. Water is always available for our children throughout the day, but we do encourage you to send a water bottle in with your child each day.

With all this talk of sunshine, we know how changeable the weather can be, so we encourage and recommend that you send your child with a pac a mac style coat, or similar, as our plans don't usually change with the weather.

Named Clothing & Footwear


Thanks to everyone who has checked their children's coats, uniforms and PE kits, to ensure everything is named.  We are most grateful. 


Unfortunately we are still finding unnamed items, on a daily basis, and is difficult and time consuming to match them to their owners. If you have not already done so, please do check, as it can become distressing for your child and expensive for you, if they are not reunited!


Please also recheck on a regular basis, as labels do fall off and ink washes out.



Your child will be bringing home their reports today (12th July).  These will include an end of year assessment, which was discussed with you at the last parent's evening. For each of the 17 areas of learning your child will be given 1 of 3 statements: 'emerging', 'expected' or 'exceeding'


'Expected' is the level at which an average child is at the end of EYFS.  These are know as the 'Early Learning Goals'. For more information on exactly what 'expected' means, you can click on the 'Curriculum and British Values'; choose the PDF document 'Cornerstones & Assessment Presentation' and click on the EYFS links on slide 2. Pages 10-12 and page 14 of 'Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage' will be of most use to you.


If your child has 'emerging' this means that your child is working within the 30-50, or 40-60 month age band.  There is nothing to worry about, as children can continue to try to reach the Early Learning Goals during the Autumn term of Year 1.


If you would like to look at a parent friendly version of the statements for 30-50 months, 40-60 months or the Early Learning Goals, click on EYFS

We are collecting small boxes please for our junk modelling.. toothpaste/stock cube/face cream sizes.

Thank you! frown


As you may have noticed, on our window noticeboard, we are asking for the following items -


Door handles

Door bells (the box bit that your press) (does not need to be working)

Door latches

Door locks, like the ones you might have in the bathroom

Door chains (the chain bit and the hook bit)


..all sounds a tad odd, but if you are having new or have items like this that you no longer require then we would love them please. They are going towards our outdoor area improvements.