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Week beginning 18th May

What a great Fact Family poster!
A beautiful Sound Collector poem.
Another fab Fact Family poster!
Look at this lovely handwriting!
Fun in the kitchen!
Making bird feeders.
The finished bird feeders.
Hunting for tadpoles...
Found them!!!
Catching up with the neighbours.
Meeting the locals.
Going for a run.
A mini classroom.
A beautiful Sound Collector poem.
Supporting our NHS.
Working together.
Counting money.
Money, money, money.
A lovely non chronological report.

Week Beginning 11th May

Look at this amazing mini classroom!
Look who has been out on a 'Sound Walk.'
Recording sounds on a 'Sound Walk.'
I love the fancy pencil!!!
Look at this beautiful Sound Collector poem.
'Clever' glasses are always helpful.
Time to be the Teacher.
V.E Day celebrations.
Has she got them right?
Yum, yum. I like this choice for the arrays.
Using arrays.
A V.E Day Poster to celebrate.
Another beautiful Sound Collector poem.
English work completed!!!
Working outside.
A letter to Captain Tom - lovely writing!
Recipes and instructions for baking.
Maths arrays.
A mini classroom.
Working on Spellings.
Happy V.E Day!!!
Look at this beautiful handwriting!!!!
Look at this fab Fact Family Poster.
Another fab Fact Family poster.
A beautifully written poem.
How wonderful!!!
Look who it belongs to.
Fact Families.
What a fantastic poem!
Fact Families.
What a beautiful poem!
Fact Families.
Look at this great poster!
Another fantastic poem!
Look who it belongs to.
What a great Maths poster!
Another amazing poem.

Week Beginning 4th May

What a lovely letter for Captain Tom.
The second part.
Ready to post!
What do we know about Captain Tom?
Can we describe him and what he has done?
Writing a letter to Captain Tom.
Creating a flag for Geography.
Growing a rainbow.
It's magic or is it?
Writing a letter to Captain Tom.
What do we know about Captain Tom?
Maths fun!
Making a Spitfire.
Taking a break and getting some exercise!
Maths, Maths, Maths!

Week beginning 27th April

Somebody has been busy baking!
Look at his fancy bread.
Yum Yum Yum!
You can't beat jam on warm bread...
Look who has completed the Maths Challenge.

Week beginning 20th April.

Somebody is busy in the Kitchen!
Yummy cinnamon buns coming up.
A beautiful painting-Do you know what they are?
Beat Band Boogie!!!
Some great project work.
Look at this steel drum.