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Paws, Claws & Whiskers - Caring for a Pet

29th June '20

Mummies & Daddies,

This week we are giving each of the children at school a strange looking pet to look after, in our 'innovate' week for the Paws, Claws & Whiskers project.  At home you could make a model from clay, dough or plasticene, a pom-pom pet, made by yourself or an older sibling, or a weird and wonderful soft toy buried at the bottom of the toy box!


The Local Pet Shop Needs Your Help


Some very mysterious creatures have arrived in a crate from somewhere far, far away.  The pet shop owners have no idea where they have come from, or how to even look after them!  They don't know what food to give them, or what homes they need. 

They need some special helpers to be 'Pet Detectives' to spend time with these animals and find out more about them and how to look after them.  



Please always supervise your child whilst watching You-Tube. :-)

Would you like to choose 1 of these, or see if a creature has been delivered to your house?