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Predators (Autumn 2)



Today in Computing, we created our own presentation on Chromebooks to sum up our experiences and learning from our 'Predator' project. Afterwards, we presented them to the class in our pairs. Well done for presenting so confidently!



Wow... we have had an incredible day! For our memorable experience this half term, we had a falconry visit! We enjoyed observing, discussing and sketching owls. Some of us were lucky enough to experience the owls landing on us… Miss Hill, Miss Magill and Mrs Ford even got involved too! Thank you so much to Bob for an exciting and unique memorable experience. 


Ladybower class - I am a very proud teacher! You were all brilliant, by listening carefully and showing so much respect to our visitor.  


Today in Geography, we located and highlighted countries/continents in which alligators and crocodiles live. We described the types of habitats and climates which are needed to suit their reptile needs!


In computing today, we used the 'Paintz' app on the Chromebooks to create our own aquatic scene. We considered what we could add to our creation, to help prey camouflage itself and avoid predators.



Today, in Computing, we programmed and debugged our BeeBots to dodge the predators! Watch out!



Today, we discussed the difference between carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. We sorted animals into groups - great work!