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Design a healthy lunch box for the Lighthouse Keeper


Look at the story, 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch' again. What food does the Lighthouse Keeper’s wife prepare for her husband?


Think about what makes a healthy meal. It's important to eat a balanced diet to be healthy.

Design a healthy lunch box for the Lighthouse Keeper. 

Try to include all food groups.

Maybe include something that the seagulls will not like!

Draw and label your ideas.

Write a list- My lunchbox contains:

The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch - Give Us A Story!

Mr. Grinling, the lighthouse keeper, finds himself in a titanic battle between good and evil with some ravenous seagulls. See how he comes out on top with a ...

You could always create your own healthy lunch, if you like, instead, and send photos to show us, via the contact form, on your class page of the website.