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Our project for this half term is Allotment. You will find the ideas sheets for Allotment in your packs but they are also at the bottom of this page if you need them. 


Your task for this week is to make observational drawings of plants, fruits, vegetables, leaves, flowers, seeds or bulbs using pencils and colouring crayons (or whatever materials you have at home- you could be a little more adventurous!). 


Have a look at some art work online for inspiration and to see how the artists capture the plant's/ fruit's form. 


If you are drawing fruit or vegetables, it is always interesting to cut them so that you can get different angles. If you have a magnifying glass at home, you could use it to look for smaller details. 



Extra task- If you have any materials at home, get planting! You could also get outside and start to consider what plants need to be able to grow- we will be exploring this more throughout the project. 


Have fun! smiley