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Main Task 

Have you ever thought about where food comes from before it ends up in your local supermarket or greengrocers? Or which foods can't be grown in the UK due to our climate? 


This task is all about where fruits and vegetables are sourced from and where they originate.


  • Read the information about where food comes from. 
  • Use the picture cards to see where different fruits and vegetables come from. 
  • Use an online map, such as Google maps, or an atlas if you have one, to find the locations.
  • You can present this task however you like-


  1. If you have a printer you could print the map (below) and label the locations and the fruit or vegetables that originate there (you could draw these in the correct places on the map). 
  2. You could make a poster about where food comes from. 
  3. You could draw a table to show the fruits and vegetables, their origins and the distances that they have to travel to get to us.
  4. You could think of your own way to present your findings. 



Extra Task smiley


Find out which fruits and vegetables can be planted in the current season and how to care for each plant.