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Task 1

This task is a computing task. You will need to get PARENTAL PERMISSION to complete this as it does involve using the internet and a search engine. 


Think about times when you have used search engines, such as Google, to find information. What you type in affects your search results. Some of the results that you get are relevant to what you are looking for, others are not. So how can we make sure we get the most appropriate search results more often and more quickly?


For this task we would like you to search the web for images of theme park rides using techniques to refine your search.  


Here is a example: 

First, I searched inverted roller coaster 

Then, I searched inverted roller coaster with loops 

Then, I searched inverted roller coaster with loops red and white 

Then, I started using quotation marks- inverted roller coaster with loops "red and white"

My final search term was- "inverted roller coaster" "red and white" with "loops"


Try it and see how your results change! 



Find the activity on the PowerPoint below and search for a specific roller coaster of your choice. 



Task 2

Investigate roller coaster carriage designs, thinking about their structures and materials. Sketch an idea for your own carriage design using cross-sectional drawing to show details and safety features. Draw your final design on paper, before adding colour and decoration to make it look authentic. 


Have fun! smiley