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Task 1

This task is a science investigation about air resistance, water resistance and friction. It involves three mini experiments about these different forces. You might only be able to choose one or two of the activities to complete, depending on the materials that you have at home. 



Task 2

For this task you will be creating a pendulum and completing an investigation. 


A pendulum swings when released because gravity pulls it back towards its equilibrium position (hanging straight down). It slows down due to air resistance and the friction of the string at the pivot.


Make a simple pendulum (a ball of blue tac on the end of a piece of string) and attach it to the edge of a table. Investigate what happens when you change the mass of the pendulum (make the ball of blue tac bigger). 


The first two documents are the same- use the PowerPoint version if possible, but if you can't open this then there is a PDF version too. 

Have lots of fun being scientists and don't forget to send us some photos! smiley