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Task 1

Explore how pulleys can help lift heavy loads and how, when two or more pulleys are connected, they can enable lifting with the application of less force.

Watch the video below to find out more about how pulleys work.

For this task you could:

  • Draw and label a diagram of a pulley system and write an explanation of how it works. 
  • Write an explanation of what pulleys are used for and why they are useful. 
  • Have some fun researching and making your own pulley system! 

Task 2

Look at a range of logos, advertising posters and other promotional material for theme parks. Analyse what types of font, colours and images the posters and material feature. Think about/ discuss your opinions of these. 


Use a computer, or paper and crayons/ felt tips, to design a logo for a theme park that targets a younger audience. Think carefully about the fonts/ colours/ images that will help to make your logo appeal to a younger audience. 

Task 3

Research/ think about popular fairground foods- hot dogs, candyfloss.. what else can you think of?!


Make a menu card for the theme park that you designed




Make fairground food for you and your family to enjoy!