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Can I describe the movement of an object?

Get out your clock from your home learning pack and put it together. Can you remember which way the hands on a clock turn? Practise turning them forwards - this is CLOCKWISE. Now turn them backwards - this is ANTI-CLOCKWISE.

Start by standing facing one wall of the room you're in. Can you turn clockwise and then stop in the same place as you began? That is a WHOLE TURN. Now turn clockwise again, but stop at the opposite wall. That is a HALF TURN. Can you do the same again but this time turn anti-clockwise?

Now for the really tricky bit.! Can you work out how to make a quarter turn? How about a three-quarter turn? Try turning clockwise and anti-clockwise. Practise until you've really got the hang of it.

Use the powerpoint  and the poster below to help you (don't worry if you are unable to open it, it is not essential).

Cut out 4 triangles and set them out like the ones below. What do you notice? Can you explain it using the words CLOCKWISE, ANTICLOCKWISE, WHOLE TURN, HALF TURN, QUARTER TURN AND THREE-QUARTER TURN?