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Reading in French - Bilingual Books

First, some vocab, with accompanying audio - choose a topic!

It is totally possible, at the moment, to listen to millions of books in other languages, and to click on the English flags to hear them in English too - a fantastic way to learn, and to hear some new stories! Of course, normal internet-safety rules apply - please access sites only when supervised - and some sites may require you setting up a log-in so this will have to be done by the supervising adult :)


You can get a 'Whisperies Free' account with them and listen to books in 2 languages - if you choose any of the books with ANGLAIS written across them, it means they have them in both French and English. Otherwise, they will only be available in French.


Next, Audible has made 26 French stories available.These are much more difficult, and unless you know the book in English already, not as accessible, but I am posting it just in case, and also because this is a great link for listening to books in English for free too! Simply click on 'Start listening'...