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Many Thanks  frown


K. Gartside

Well, Miss Fox has finally taught me how to update our Reception blog, only on my last day!!

I would like to say a huge huge thank you for all your gifts and good wishes.  I have really loved my time at St John's and have so many happy memories of all the fantastic events that have happened over the years.  This doesn't really seem like a final goodbye and I am sure I will keep popping in either for a cup of tea or doing a spot of supply work.

Your children are all brilliant and I am sure when I visit other schools I will be comparing the children with St John's!

Have a lovely summer and thank you once again

With lots of love from Mrs Smallman


26th July 2016


Hello from our last morning in Reception Class 2016!

As I turn off the computers for the last time (to clean the sticky finger prints off), we, the Team would like to thank you so very much for your continued support throughout the year, your children have worked hard and we are so proud. We wish them all the best through the rest of their St Johns journey and beyond.

We are having a very special last day together, a huge celebration assembly, cakes, lots of playing and some time with our teachers.

Again, a huge thank you and have a super summer!!

Lots of love, The Reception Team x

21st July 2016


.....WOW!! What an amazing 48hrs the Reception Classes have had! We're going to be relaxing and finishing off challenge work today after what has been a fantastic pirate experience.

On Tuesday, we had Steve the Pirate to visit, he took us all off on an exciting journey across his treasure map with his parrot Beaky, we dressed as pirates, used parrot feathers to fly, and ate bananas with the monkeys.. we had so much fun!

Yesterday (Wednesday) we all looked super in our pirate outfits! Thank you so much for the huge effort you all made! In the morning we dug for treasure in the sand, sailed boats in the glittery seas of the water tray, made flags with black play dough, pinned the eye patch on the pirate, made telescopes ....and THEN we had a huge treasure hunt on the field looking for golden coins! Afterwards we played ball and hoop games before coming back aboard the good ship Reception to collect lunch. We enjoyed our picnic back on the field a lot, we loved eating with the children and sharing their social time. In the afternoon, we carried on with our special pirate activities, including more water play and mask making out on deck.

Below are some photos of both days, I will keep adding more over the next couple of days as time allows, so keep checking back.

For now, we're finishing off our DVD from yesterday and then it's to work we go!

Ahoy me' heartys, Pirate Fox.

15th July 2016

The weather may be dull again today, but in Reception we are having our own summer time and have constructed a beach! We have been reading The Train Ride this week, so this ties in beautifully with the end of the story, whilst following the children's interests. Here's a peek at this morning.. we're going to build a lighthouse later!

14th July 2016

We're looking forward to our Pirate Days next week, on Tuesday and Wednesday, but remember, its a secret! Shhhh! Dressing up as a pirate on Wednesday please, which will give the game away, but they still don't know what we have in store.

We are collecting kitchen roll tubes you can guess what for! ;)

Also, we are making the very most of having Mrs Smallman with us, as stated in the newsletter, she will be leaving us at the end of July, which we are very sad about! We will miss her a lot.


Our children have had a fantastic afternoon meeting their new teachers and exploring their new classrooms, we are so proud of them and their wonderful attitudes towards the future. They have participated in some crafting, construction and smiling for photos. the meantime, the Reception Team had some visitors to play..! Photos below. frown

1st July 2016


Wow! What a busy week! We were all ready for Friday in Reception Class this week, we hope you have a fun and restful time with your children this weekend.

We have had lots of new children visiting this week, and will be visiting next week also, who are due to start in September. Some children have been talking to parents about seeing their nursery friends in class, it's great fun to see them reunite! There are also other changes happening within the teaching staff, however please be assured that your children, their work and their final few weeks with us remain our priority whilst welcoming and facilitating changes. We have been busy this afternoon getting ready for a new topic next week.. it's going to be another fantastic week, and we have Mrs Betterton with us all day everyday this week too! Hooray! 


See you on Monday morning! 

29th June 2016

Our very own Reception Class games are happening this week, to go alongside our Olympics based topic! We're very excited! Below is a snippet of what happened yesterday... frown

23rd June 2016


Good Morning!

The Reception class are having a very busy week, lots of challenges and creative things happening.. Our life size Knight is under way and we have had some exciting fairy stories written by the children, their imagination is endless..!


I have a little note for you from our lovely kitchen staff -

On 12th July there will be a Teddy Bears picnic in the hall at lunchtime, and the children are allowed to bring their fluffy teddy bears into school with them to join in all the fun.


For today, we are looking forward to spending the afternoon with some silver paint..


16th June

Good Morning!

What a morning! Clouds full of drizzle! So, Reception are tucked up nicely inside school, completing our writing challenges and investigating 'Past and Present'.


A couple of messages - Next week, we are falling into our topic of Knights and Castles! We're very excited! We're going to build a life size Knight! However, we need your help in gathering some materials please, as ever, I have a little list smiley


-shoes boxes

-large cardboard boxes

-cardboard rolls or tubes

-tissue boxes

-any recycled tinfoil (without your sandwiches still attached)


Thank you in advance for any help you can give us to collect these items!


Second message - Pleeeeeeease send your child with a coat, we still go outside when its raining, there are exciting times to be had in all weathers.


6th June 2016


A huge, big welcome back to the children, after what we hope was a lovely break! We're into our last half term of Reception Class 2015/16 already!!

We're looking at Dinosaurs and exciting adventures this week, lots of ideas have been thought of and lots of hard work has already happened this morning!

If you have done something over the holidays that your child would like to write about, then please encourage them to do so and ask them to bring it in to share, we love our children's stories!





It's been a fabulous week in Reception Class! Our topic has been Jack and the Beanstalk and Traditional Tales, we've planted beans (which should now be at home with you), dressed as some of our favourite characters, sorted small beans from large beans, played traditional games outside, and made our very own tall beanstalk! Phew! We're all looking forward to Golden Time tomorrow afternoon, where the children will get a sneak peek into our topic on return from the half term break.. smiley



We had our class rabbit out of his hutch to play this afternoon! smiley
Mr Averis had an enjoyable time when he dropped in to see us and the animals that were visiting from Whitepost Farm! Here he is with an orange Gecko!

25th April 2016


WOW! What an exciting day of learning we've had here today in Reception! We had a special visit from Joanne and Emma who work with Whitepost Farm, and they brought a wide selection of wonderful animals and creepy crawlies with them... we had Snow Corn Snakes, Geckos, Guinea Pigs, Snails, a Chinchilla, Rats, Cockroaches and a few more. Best of all, we have a Lion headed rabbit to stay with us here in school all week!! He is a boy and we are allowed to name him, but have yet to come to a decision, we've had suggestions of Simba, Peter and Fluffy. The ladies from the farm have taught us how to care for our class pet, and have left us a manual so that we can check we are doing it right :) At the moment, he is snuggled up in his 'bunny hide'.

Ask your children lots of questions, as they really have had a fun packed day, and if you can, encourage your child to write down some things they liked best, or maybe some name suggestions for our rabbit.

Thank you so much to Whitepost Farm! I have added a slideshow below of some our 'best bits', although Mr Averis also has a photo contribution of his own!

22nd April 2016




We have had a fabulous time enjoying the sunshine this week! See below for a slideshow of snippets from what we've been up to. We are extra proud of all the children this week, they have worked very hard on all their challenges and have had a great time getting along with each other during learning choice, well done!

As it's been warmer this week, the children have been taking their jumpers and cardigans off more often, a big, huge, MEGA MASSIVE reminder that we NEED names in clothing! I am magical in many ways, but I cannot always match un marked jumpers to the correct children, and there are 68 of them to match up, so help me out. indecision

Enjoy your weekend!

15th April 2016


Good Morning!  


A huge congratulations to all the children who completed holiday diaries, we have loved sharing them and reading so many interesting things! They have been so busy! Every child who produced a diary has been given 5 credits, so well done and thank you for your hard work!

Please encourage your child to continue a diary, maybe at the weekends, or when something special happens.. we also love reading and displaying stories! The children need lots of opportunities to write so anything they fancy telling us, ask them to write it down.


We are asking for parent helpers in Reception area.. if you can spare an hour or 2 at any point through the week then please see any of the Reception Team if you are interested in giving us a helping hand :)


Wishing you a happy and delightful weekend!

Good Afternoon!


The team hopes you have had a fantastic break and that the children are raring to go again 😊


We need all PE kits back in school on Monday please, named and complete.


Our topic on return will be farm animals, so if you've visited a farm or somewhere similar over Easter than we would love to see photos or read a story about your trip! 


See you all very soon!



Just a reminder, that we are not at school this Friday 18th March 2016, as it is an INSET.


Also, we break for Easter on Thursday 24th March at 3.30pm, we are not at school on Friday 25th March 2016, as it is Good Friday.





10th March 2016


Good Afternoon!


An 'eggciting' (had to be done) week in Reception Class!


Four chicks have been born in our incubator, and are thriving in their warm, cosy light box home.. pictures below.

We have 2 boys and 2 girls, one of the boys has beautiful brown stripes! We have called him Tiger.


The other chicks also have names: Blondie, Carol and Elsa smiley


The children will be excited when they come to school tomorrow (Wednesday 9th) look at what has just happened to one of our eggs.

Monday 7th March




It always seems to be sunny when I sit down to write here.. maybe I should sit down everyday! surprise


We are having a wonderful time with our Living and Growing topic this half term, into our third week already!

This week, we are looking at how we grow, the children will be thinking about being a baby, then growing into a toddler, into a grown up school child, and then into a very grown up adult.. to aid this, we would love the children if possible to bring in a baby photo of themselves, we will look after it, and it will be returned at the end of the week. Please pop their name on the back so we can be sure we return the correct baby back to you!

We look forward to sharing some photos together.



Monday 29.2.2016


Good Morning from a glorious, sun filled EYFS!


The children have come back to lots of exciting new challenges today, including favourite pet surveys towards our numeracy work and something a little bit special for the weekend.. under wraps until Friday I'm afraid..!


We are all looking forward to seeing lots of pets this week, too! As part of our topic work, we will be meeting some of the children's lovely animals from home, thanks to kind parents for taking the time to bring them in. We do have a timetable, so if we have a spare slot that suits you, and you have a friendly animal, then please pop in and see us about bringing them in smiley


A quick note to say thank you so much for the donations of egg boxes, we now have enough to crack on with (see what I did there!? frown) our Easter crafting, nearer the end of this half term.






Another busy week has come to end, albeit early, due to the INSET day tomorrow (12.2.2016). The team have been busy making some changes in our classroom today, ready for an exciting first week back after the holidays, when our topic will be 'Living and Growing'!


The children have all enjoyed their Golden Time this afternoon, as our special end of half term treat we turned Mrs Gartside's classroom into a cinema! They have had some extra sunshine at afternoon break and attended our whole school Celebration Assembly.




We hope you all have a wonderful half term break!


Morning Parents and Carers!


A big old note here about PE kits.


This week, we are sending home the children's PE kits.. The children are excellent at getting dressed for our indoor and outdoor PE sessions, however we do have children without the correct kit in some cases. We do have limited spares for emergencies, but not enough to go around everybody, and not always the right shoe size!

Please ensure that your child has the following items, NAMED (even socks smiley) in their PE kit -


White t-shirt

Dark coloured shorts

Dark coloured jogging bottoms

A jumper, or zippy hoodie top





Also, if you find anything that doesn't belong to your child in their bag, please bring back into school on our return from half term and we will make sure it is returned.


Thank you very much!

Enjoy the sunshine! We are here at school today!






Good afternoon from EYFS!                                              Friday 5.2.2016 


Our week has flown by in a huff and a puff! The 3 little pigs story has been one of our main focus', our activities have included live action role play of the story, building houses with lots of different materials and practicing our own story writing skills using our knowledge of sounds, tricky words and simple sentences!


Grabbing the opportunity whilst here to ask for an item.. could we please have donations of 6 egg, egg boxes. We will be using them for our Easter activity.


Happy weekend!

Miss Fox here!                              Friday 29.1.2016


Hello from a busy morning in EYFS at St Johns! Some of us have been completing our weekly challenges, including model making and building with our large bricks and measuring in our home corner. Some have had indoor PE with Mrs Brassington, and there has been a flurry of activity at the writing table using our sounds of the week in simple sentences! Phew, and it's not even lunchtime yet!


Hopefully you've all met me by now, or at least I have said goodbye to you on the gate at home time.


I will be updating our class page on a more regular basis, along with the teachers, so watch this space for exciting photos, information, and blurbs about what we get up to!


For now, please see below for a link to The Teacher Cloud, where you can access your own child's personal learning journey with us in EYFS. Have your access password at the ready and click away.





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