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Religious Education

Singing our Harvest songs to the nursery children.

We have been learning about Harvest. The children have been painting and exploring fruit and vegetables. We have talked about healthy eating and painted our favourite healthy meal. We have discussed why Christians celebrate Harvest. On Thursday, we really enjoyed performing our Harvest songs for the nursery children. We then sang them for the Year 1 and Year 2 children in Collective Worship. We enjoyed listening and joining in with the nursery children singing their harvest song.

St Peter’s Scarecrow Competition


Children in Reception have been busy stuffing Jack and Jill this week! They have also been painting prayer pebbles and thinking about what we can say thank you to God for... 

St Peter’s Scarecrow competition

Summer 2

We will be looking at the question: ‘What stories are special and why?’

We will be asking the children what their favourite story is. Perhaps your child could bring in their favourite story? Then we will be looking at stories from the Bible and stories from other faiths. 

Summer 1

This term we have been thinking about “What is special about our world?” 

We have thought about what we like best in nature. This has included painting, drawing, discussion and walks on the field. We followed the Understanding Christianity unit: ‘Why is the word ‘God’ so important to Christians.’ We looked at the Christian story of Creation by painting, discussion and telling the story. The children were told the story of “The Precious Pearl”, from the Bible. Perhaps, you could ask your child what they remember about the story? We then said the Lord’s Prayer and listened to ‘Hallowed be thy name’ (Caribbean Lord’s Prayer). The children really enjoyed this. 

Spring 2

This term we have been talking about friendship and what makes a good friend. We have been sharing stories from the Bible about Jesus and friendship. At the end of this term we will be thinking about Easter. Watch this space for photographs of our Easter activities, including our Easter drama.

Our final Values for Life display boards!

The children in Reception all worked together to build these fantastic display boards on our Value for Life day last week. I can't wait to see them up in the hall with the rest of the school's display boards.


Prayers Crosses for St Peter’s Church

Values for Life Day

We have been adding a bead to our prayer net and saying a prayer for our friends and family.


Look at our lovely prayer crosses that we have been making. We have been talking about gifts that come from the heart. Over the next few months this will lead to an exciting link with St Peter's Church.

Autumn 2


This term we will continue to look at which times are special and why. In the first week, we will be finding out about Diwali.

We will continue to look at the celebrations children take part in and how Christians celebrate special festivals.

This term the focus will be on Christmas and looking at the question of ‘ Why do Christians perform the Nativity play at Christmas?’

At the moment we are having fun learning about Harvest. The children have enjoyed painting, printing and exploring fruit and vegetables. This week we are talking about Harvest festival and many of the children have bought in donations of food. The children have been reflecting on the concepts of giving, sharing and being thankful. We have talked about how Harvest is a special time for Christians and how it is celebrated in church.



EYFS Harvest Performance


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

We started off the term with a topic about ‘Belonging’. We thought about what it means to belong to different things. We looked at being part of our families and being part of our school family. We had discussions, painted pictures, participated in role play and had fun drawing round childrens’ outlines and dressing them with school clothes.