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Here are this week's spellings.  They end with the same sound but it can be spelt in different ways.

We have already learnt about words ending in the grapheme 'le' like table and apple.  These words have the grapheme 'al' or 'il'.  There are not too many words that represent this sound with this spelling, but you need to know how to spell them.


Try to write a super sentence for each word.  As an extra challenge put one of your words into a question sentence.  Try to use some adjectives and adverbs in your sentences too.


Maybe you could complete a table of all the words you find in your reading with the /l/ sound at the end and sort them according to how they are spelt.


-le -el -il -al
table tunnel pencil metal


  • metal
  • pedal
  • capital
  • hospital
  • animal
  • oval
  • pencil
  • fossil
  • pupil
  • nostril