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Splendid Skies - Weather & Seasons

Please remember that you DO NOT need to do all of these activities - just select ones that you are interested in.  Bare in mind that Science is a core subject, along with English and Maths. 

If possible, at least complete the Bitesize activity labelling the map of the UK &

                                     look at the ppt/pdf 'All about the Weather'.

This week we will be looking at maps of the UK, looking for signs of the 4 seasons and comparing different types of weather and when we're most likely to see them.


Begin by looking at the BBC bitesize daily lesson for Geography, for Tues 23rd April:  

Can you complete the map of the UK?


On Wednesday (or any day) go for a walk, or pop outside, if you can, and look carefully at what signs there of seasonal changes.  Take photos, or draw pictures of some of the things you see. - See the English lesson for Wednesday & Thursday.


After looking at the power-points on the seasons and weather  (or videos on youtube) have a go at drawing the outlines of two suitcases. Inside each, draw what you would pack for a holiday - Winter Ski trip & Summer beach holidays, for example.  Are there any things which are the same? Are there some things that are different? Why?