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Splendid Skies Project - wk 3 to week 7

Splendid Skies Project (from 20th April)


Our new project for this half term is all about the weather and seasons.  You can take a walk outdoors to find out about different types of weather and to look for signs of the seasons (see English Wed. 21st April).  You can study weather reports, make weather symbols and keep a record of the weather.  You can find out about the wind and the life and work of Sir Francis Beaufort.  You can explore weather in art and music, make season trees and compose weather poems (see English Fri 24th April).  You’ll have an opportunity to do experiments and investigate the wind, rain and sun, then compare weather around the world. The project is split into 4 parts, then there will be a final week, bringing everything together.

Some activities are dependent on the weather, so feel free to dip in and out of the weeks, to find activities that are suitable for what's going on outside! :-)

This is a Science heavy project, with lots of opportunities to conduct experiments and learn more about the world around us. Pick and choose activities according to your child's interests but, if possible complete the following:


Weather & Seasons -  Go onto BBC bitesize & label the map of the UK

                                     Look at the first power-point/pdf, All About Weather


Weather charts, Sunlight & shadows - Activity 1 Weekly weather charts (adding rain & wind later)

                                                                Activity 2 Sunlight & shadows


Rainy Days -              1 video

                                  Activity 1 Rain gauge


Wild Winds -            1 video

                                 Activity 1 Measuring the wind


Weather Experts - Sun Safety ppt

                                  Review weather charts & look at weather around the world


 Links to the weekly plans are here.