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Splendid Skies - Rainy Days

Please remember that you DO NOT need to do all of these activities - just select ones that you are interested in.  Bare in mind that Science is a core subject, along with English and Maths.

Try to watch at least 1 video, with an adult, and complete activity 1.


Clouds, Rain & Rainbows:


Do you know what clouds are?  Do you know how they are formed?  Take a look outside.  Do they always look the same?  Rain comes from clouds.  Can you think why it rains sometimes and not others? 


You could watch these you-tube videos to find out more:  - What are clouds made of?  - All about clouds for kids

Please supervise your child when using You-tube, as there is other, unsuitable content, which they may access independently.


What about rainbows & rain? See the activities below.