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Splendid Skies - Wild Winds

Please remember that you DO NOT need to do all of these activities - just select ones that you are interested in.  Bare in mind that Science is a core subject, along with English and Maths.

Try to at least watch 1 video and complete activity 1.


What is wind?


Parents / Carers: Ask questions that provoke creative thinking such as: Where does the wind come from? Where does the wind go? Can you feel which direction the wind is coming from, or going to?


Play outside on a windy day and feel the wind blow on your face. Shout, make pin wheels and streamers, or hold coats, carrier bags, pillow cases, or cotton sheets high, above your heads, to feel the force of the wind.

Inside, use your hand, or make a simple consertina fan and wave it in front of your face.  Feel the movement of air on your face.


There are lots of videos on Youtube that help explain what wind is.  Some are harder to understand than others, but have more detail.  Here are just a few:     Bill Nye the Science Guy on Wind


If you want more detail, you could watch these videos for children:   What Makes the Wind, by Uni of Illinos       What is Wind?


Please supervise your child when using You-tube, as there is other, unsuitable content, which they may access independently.

It is the movement of air (wind) which helps create clouds!