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Spring 1 Bright Lights, Big City

Class 'Street' Party


We had traditional street parties in our classes, to celebrate Miss Nicklin's birthday.

In the morning we prepared the food, making sandwiches, healthy finger foods and decorating biscuits and cakes with red, white and blue icing.  We decorated our class, making flags and putting up bunting.  In the afternoon we had games and then ate.

We had a surprise visitor! The children were very excited to meet 'The Queen' and asked her lots of questions.  She was able to tell us about her role, her life and about Buckingham Palace.  It was lovely to meet her again.

London Landmarks:


We looked at different famous London landmarks and found them on maps.  We then programmed Bee-bots to move from location to location.  Next the children had great fun using Knex, to make models of the London Eye.  They worked in small groups and experimented with different attachments and frames until they were happy with their efforts.

Partake Theatre Workshop - The Great Fire of London


Year 1 worked in two groups.  Samuel Pepys (Mr Adby) led the exciting and stimulating workshops with the help of King Charles II, a baker, Thomas Farynor and the people of 17th century London! 

Together we re-enacted this famous catastrophe from English history.  The children were fully involved, dressing in costume and telling the story through narration, mime, chant, music and dance.  

Bread Making Science Experiment


We heard accounts of the Great Fire of London and listened to some of the diary of Samuel Pepys, after watching a program about him.  We also spent 3 weeks re-enacting the Great Fire in dance (PE).


We decided to find out how long it takes to bake the perfect bread roll the modern way, using a bread making machine.  We tried to do a fair test, keeping only one variable - the cooking time.  Once the dough was risen, it was kneaded, shaped and placed on a baking tray. We baked the rolls but, took 1 out every 5 minutes (we kept one uncooked).  The children examined the rolls, looking, smelling and touching them.  We discussed what made the 'perfect' roll.  There was a difference of opinion as to what is perfect (colour, softness of the centre, hardness of the crust) so the perfect cooking time varied between 15 and 20 minutes, when the results were written up.

Royal Photo Bombs, Transport and Kolkata


The children found out about the British Royal family, then enjoyed pasting a picture of themselves onto photos.  We then displayed them around the school and they had fun finding each other in the pictures.


The children discovered how they could travel around London and made sliding pictures of vehicles on road, rail and water.


The Children compared London with the regional capital, Kolkata, in India.  They looked at the two cities and imagined that a Tiger visited London Zoo, from Kolkota Zoo. They wrote suggestions of places to visit, designed souvenirs and made toy soldiers. Finally they made flags of India.