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Spring 2 Moon Zoom

Planetarium Experience


A large dome was blown up in the hall.  We all took our shoes off and squeezed inside. Once in, we listened carefully to amazing facts and saw lots of wonderful things -the planets and the stars, the constellations, night and day, the phases of the moon and how man went to the moon…     It was fantastic! 

Space Robots


The children watched footage of the moon landing and images taken by the Mars rover.  They know that people can program machines to work from a distance.

In pairs and small groups, the children wrote simple algorithms for the space bee-bots and then programmed them to move around space maps. With support they then de-bugged them.

Human spacecraft


The children worked in pairs to give each other instructions of how to move around a grid of outer space and avoid obstacles.  They then worked together to write simple algorithms, using arrows and number of steps.  They began to use the language of position with increasing accuracy.

Science: Making circuits to send messages


The children heard the story of Beegu and how her ears sent light messages to her mummy and daddy.  She also thought she her heard her calling from far away.  Over 2 weeks the children learnt to make simple circuits, first with a light bulb and then with a buzzer and on/off switch.  They experimented with what order to put wires, cells (batteries), light, buzzer and switch. They also saw what happened if they added two bulbs, or 2 cells.

Book Week & World Book Day


During Book Week, in March, the children took part in lots of activities to celebrate reading, writing and illustrating books.


For World Book Day, everyone dressed up as characters from some of their favourite books.