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Straw Rockets

Objective - Can I make rockets successfully launch and say why some are better than others?


Make air-propelled rockets.

Launch them into ‘outer-space'. 

Decide which sheet material e.g.tissue paper, newspaper, printing paper, card, acetate sheet & tin foil to use for the rockets. 

Use scientific vocabulary related to the properties of the materials to explain their choices (thick, thin, bendy, stiff, heavy, light, heavier, lighter...)  

Ask & answer questions about how the rockets are powered & what makes them move (How...?  What do you think...? Why do you think...?  What if...? Is it a fair test? What can you do to...? Does it make a difference if...?)


Method 2: Instead of a straw, use a toy rocket launcher, if you already have one, or a launcher which can fit on an empty drinks bottles/foot pump. 

The rockets are made by rolling paper or other materials loosely around the launcher, to make a tube, before sealing 1 end with sticky tape to make nose cones.  Launch the rockets by sliding them onto the launcher & squeezing the bottle firmly & rapidly. 

Copy the predictions, results and conclusions into your book, or print off the pdf and fill it in.