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Sun cream

A note about sun cream in Reception Year -


When the weather is likely to be sunny, please apply sun cream to your child before they come to school. Please do not send sun cream into school with your child. The sun cream dispensers will be avilable to the children as soon as permission letters for using the cream have been sent home and returned, signed. The children will find applying the sun cream rather tricky, so you need to show them how to do it at home and practise with them regularly through the summer months. As I mentioned before, please ensure you have smothered them before school too.


A sun hat is also essential on sunny days, or potentially sunny days. Water is always available for our children throughout the day, but we do encourage you to send a water bottle in with your child each day.


With all this talk of sunshine, we know how changeable the weather can be, so we encourage and recommend that you send your child with a pac a mac style coat, or similar, as our plans don't usually change with the weather.