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The Enchanted Woodland


We went to the three-cornered rec. near school to take part in some woodland craft activities. We made bog-arts on the trees, made bark rubbings and made a collage using the treasures we found there. We even had a play on the playground and had a picnic!


We brought leaves, twigs, sticks, flowers, berries, acorns, conkers and moss to school. We followed instructions to make our own woodland crowns. Don't we looks fabulous?


We looked at the work of Andy Goldsworthy. He likes to create art by using natural materials such as twigs, leaves, stones, snow and ice. He takes one photograph when he has finished. Which do you like best? Why?

We decided to create some art like Andy Goldsworthy. Can you see what shape we made? What materials did we use?


We used three twigs bound together and wrapped wool around them. We liked the pattern it made because it reminded us of a spider's web.


We have been reading and writing instructions this week. Today, we read and followed some instructions for how to make a jam sandwich. We had to make sure we followed them in the correct order. Tomorrow, we are going to write about how we made them. We will have to remember to use 'bossy verbs'!


Today, we investigated plants. We took two plants out of their pots and looked at what we could see. We found each plant's roots, stem, leaf and flower. We used magnifying glasses to take a closer look.