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The enchanted woodland


We went to the three cornered rec. to take part in some woodland craft activities. We collected different shaped leaves, twigs, acorns, grass and berries and made a nature picture. Then we went to play on the park. We had lots of fun! After that, we used salt dough to make bog-art. Look at the funny faces we created! Then we made bark rubbings and looked at the different textures of the trees.



We went out onto the bank near our classroom and into the bark area to look for different shaped leaves. Then we had to work out which type of tree they had come from. Can you remember any of the tree's names?


This week, we have been looking at place value in maths. We really enjoyed playing this game which helped us to learn how many tens and ones are in 2-digit numbers. Here's the link so you can play at home:


We collected autumn treasures and used them to make a woodland crown. We had to follow the instructions carefully. What helped us to follow the instructions in the right order?

Here we are wearing our woodland crowns. Don't we look fantastic?


As part of our RE work, we have been thinking about different ways in which Christians celebrate. Last week, we looked at photos and talked about Christian weddings. We sent a wedding invitation and today was the big day! Look at the photos below of when Rose and Harry got 'married'.


As part of our PSHE work on health and well-being, we have been thinking about ways in which we relax. Here are some techniques we tried in the classroom: 

1. Shut your eyes tightly then relax them. 2. Wrinkle your nose up then relax it. 3. Breathe in and make your stomach tight. Breathe out slowly and relax it. Bite your teeth together and then relax them. 4. Move your shoulders up to your ears then relax them. 5. Imagine you are blowing bubbles of peace into the room. Imagine you have a pot of bubble liquid. Take in a breath. Slowly and gently blow bubbles into the room. As you blow out the bubbles, imagine they are filled with peace and the whole room is filling up with peace.

Here were are 'chilling out'.

In maths this week, we have been looking at money and finding out how much each coin is worth. Play the game below to see if you can recognise all of the coins.


This week, we are looking at maps and plans. Today, we made our own gardens and then took a photograph from above to see what it looks like.


We started the week by writing instructions to make a woodland crown. We had to remember to use bossy verbs like FIND, TIE, WEAVE, DECORATE and HANG. Today, we made sandwiches! Which bossy verbs will you use when we write the instructions tomorrow?