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Task 1: Maths

Did you find the answer to yesterday's clue? It was...The culprit is in their sixties. Well done if you found the answer. Don't forget to eliminate the suspects. Below is clue number 4. If you need another copy of the characters, they are also below. Good luck, crime stoppers!

If you have any difficulty, refer to your resource pack or contact us for more support. Want more? Check out your challenge!

Task 2: English

Today I would like you to recap prepositions. Can you remember what prepositions are? Prepositions usually describe the position of something. I would like you to write 10 sentences each including a preposition. Why not try and use a different preposition for each sentence? The word mat below has lots of examples. Remember to join your handwriting!


You could look for things around your house or garden or, if you go on a walk you could get some preposition ideas too!


Check out my example below. Can you spot the preposition?


The bird is perched on Miss Thompson's head!