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Task 1: Maths

Some of you contacted us to say that you would like a little more work on adding and subtracting fractions, so here you are! You can choose your own level of fraction word problems. If you have any difficulty, refer to your resource pack or contact us for more support. Want more? Check out your challenge!

Task 2: English

I hope you are still enjoying Voices in the Park. You are doing some fantastic writing which is being shared in the achievements section. We are going to continue with Voices in the Park next week. Today we have a SPAG lesson focusing on homophones. Can you remember what a homophone is?


I have posted the task below in word version and the PDF as when I converted the document to PDF some of the lines moved! There is a challenge at the end which is optional. I will post answers tomorrow.


Keep up the great work. Project coming tomorrow!