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Today we are revising the 'oa' sound. Can you think of words with the 'oa' sound and write them in your book? Here are some to help you.












Now ask your grown up to help you write two sentences in your book, using a word with the 'oa' sound. Here is one to get you started:


The goat is in a boat.


Or you could make your own 'oa' book. Draw a picture and write the word on each page. You could also make a matching game Draw the pictures and write the words on different bits of paper. Turn them upside down. Turn them over two at a time. If they match then you keep the pair.


Don't forget to visit Geraldine Giraffe on Youtube to see what 'igh' objects she finds.

Also, play a game on the  Phonics Play website.



Practise counting on in 1's to 20. Can you use your number line to count backwards from 20 to 0? Can you point to 9? 13? 17? 20?


This week's number is 16. Can you tell your grown up what you know about 16? For example which number is one less than 16? One more than 16? 16 is between ....... and ........  Can you count out 16 items at home? Can you practise writing 16? Watch Number Blocks about number 16!


Can you make the number 16 outside with some natural objects? Can you paint or collage a number 16?




Position and direction


Have an Easter egg hunt. You could hide an egg and describe to a grown up how to find it, Give directions e.g. walk 2 steps forward, move to the right, look on top of, look under. Then the grown up could hide one from you and give you instructions. If you haven't got any eggs then you could hide a toy instead.