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Tuesday - 28.04.20

National Pet Month (1st April - 10th May)



Did you know it is National Pet Month and on 11th April it was National Pet Day?


National Pet Month’s aims are to:


 Promote the benefits of pet ownership

Support pet adoption

Make people aware of the benefits of pets for people and people for pets

Increase public awareness of services available from professionals who work with animals

Raise awareness of the role, value and contribution to society of working companion animals


With this in mind, we thought it would be really nice to share our love of 

animals for everyone to enjoy.



If you have a pet/pets and you'd like to send us a picture, to add to the pet gallery, you can email it

directly to us (if you've already contacted us) or you can contact us through the contact forms 

and we'll send you an email for you to send a picture/pictures.