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Task 1: Maths

We hope that you enjoyed practising how to add fractions with the same denominator yesterday. Easy, isn't it? Today, you will be practising how to subtract them. As with yesterday, you will need to use the link below then:

-watch the video (Lesson 2 - Subtract fractions);

-click on ‘Get the Activity’ to complete as much as you can of the day’s work; and

-mark it yourself using ‘Get the Answers’ (no peeking!).

If you cannot print any necessary sheets, you can copy the questions into your home learning book. Want more? Check out your challenge!

Task 2: English

I hope you all enjoyed the online book! I wonder how many of you listened to the characters' voice? I notice that some of sent pictures of your parks which is great to see - these can be found under the achievement section.

Today's task is below. There is a SPAG starter task and a main task. Enjoy :)

(I have posted the story below in case you would like it for your task)