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Task 1: Maths

Did you solve clue 1? You can check the answers below before starting clue 2. If you need to see the previous clue, use the link below to go back to Monday. Good luck, Year 3 inspectors!

Want more? Check out the maths games and activities pack!

Task 2: Tuesday 

Today I would like you to write a letter to your new class teacher. I would like you to tell your techer in September all about you!


You can either write it on a piece of paper to give to your class teacher in September or you could type your letter and send it through their contact form on the transition page. Alternativiely you could use the page border posted at the bottom of the page


I would like you to consider these following things:


  • A bit about yourself and close family members
  • Your friends 
  • Favourite subject at school and why
  • Hobbies and interests in and outside of school
  • What you are most looking forward to from September and why
  • Any worries or concerns about next year 
  • Any questions for your class teacher


If you would like to include something else that is not on the list please feel free :)