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Space, Shape and Measure

We are going to begin by making simple repeating patterns. Adult to demonstrate simple AB action patterns such as:

Knees, clap, knees, clap..

Hands up, hands down, hands up, hands down..

Say the pattern out loud so children join in. Now extend to three ABC eg:

Tap knees, tap shoulders, tap head, tap knees, tap shoulders, tap head...

In your book, can you make a repeating pattern eg red circle, blue triangle, red circle, blue triangle...

Now have a go at creating a more complex pattern and record in your book. Here's one to get you started: 


Can you guess what comes next?

Well done for all your hard work!

We See Patterns Everywhere

Practice with your child to see if they can identify the patterns of the different colored shapes. For more educational resources visit: http://www.techlabsh...



Today we are revising the long oo digraph. Here are some words to help you:







Now watch Mr Thorne teach Geraldine the long oo digraph.

Great, now can you have a look around your home and see if you can find things with the long oo digraph? You could finish by writing a list of oo words in your book  and drawing a picture next to the word.

             balloon                     hoop



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