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Task 1: Maths

What better to follow some addition than subtraction? If you have any difficulty, refer to your resource pack or contact us for more support. As in class, if you are finding it too easy/hard, you can always change. Want more? Check out your challenge!


Needed: dice and a partner/s. If you do not own a dice, use this link for an online dice:

Roll the dice to generate a 2-digit number (e.g. 2 and 6 = 26).

Subtract this number from 100 (in your head for more of a challenge).

Take it in turns and continue subtracting.

The first player to reach exactly 0 wins. If you have 23 left but you roll a 2 and a 4, you will have to wait a turn.

Task 2: English

Before doing today's task, you may want to read the passage from yesterday to refresh your memory (I have posted the link below for ease of access).


Once read, please open Tuesday's task to see your work from today. Your first task is a vocabulary match up. I mentioned yesterday that there are some tricky words and today you have the chance to find out what they mean. Try and have a good guess first, then, feel free to use a dictionary (or online dictionary) to help you match the words. I will post the answers for both worksheets tomorrow if you would like to check.


The second task is to write a paragraph explaining who you would rather go camping with. (Further explanation on the sheet). Remember your non-negotiables: neat, joined handwriting, capital letters, full stops, finger spaces etc.


I wonder who you will choose? Feel free to contact me and tell me :)


If you finish today's task, feel free to have a go at the word search. THIS IS OPTIONAL.