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Vertibrates & Invertibrates

You can sort different kinds of animals in many ways, depending on what they look like, what they eat, where they live …

Why do we have a skeleton? 

Watch the you-tube video to find out.  (they help hold us up & protects parts of our body.)

Then look at the power-point about animals with and without a back bone. 

Find out what the terms vertebrates & invertebrates mean.


Some animals have a back bone with their skeleton on the inside, whilst others have a hard ‘shell’ on the outside (exoskeleton) and others have no skeleton at all e.g. human, beetle, slug.


Using the photos of animals, sort them into vertebrates & invertebrates

Choose 1 vertebrate & 1 invertebrate to write about after sorting pictures on a double page of their books.

Your Super Skeleton!

Vertebrate and Invertebrate animals | Video for Kids