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"Program or be programmed"

We are very excited about the new computing curriculum at St John's.  We use a programme called "Scratch". Although by the end of year 6 children will have had some experience of a text based computer programming language. Using Scratch enables even very young children to learn the basics of computer programming without having to worry about syntax.  Using mainly just Scratch also means we can build a progressive programme of study.  Programming and computational thinking teach vital life skills.  Children are encouraged to be creative, from year two to year six they will develop their own computer games. They will develop an understanding of how computer systems work and they will learn to be resilient when things don't work.


Children will also learn to use technology to communicate their ideas in a variety of ways.  They will use programmes that help them to gather and handle data.  They will learn how to find, evaluate and use information.  They will also learn how to keep themselves safe and behave responsibly.  Most importantly they will have FUN!