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w/c 11.5.20

Hello my lovely class, miss you all so very much.  Hope you are all okay and keeping yourselves busy at home.  This week, instead of maths challenges, I thought I would post some brain teasers on here for you to try.  You can get grown ups involved too.  cool

Here's the first one...

How many squares can you find?  Look carefully.  Answer will be revealed tomorrow.  Good luck.

I have been busy doing lots of school work as usual today, although today Toffee decided he wanted to help!  He wouldn't leave my side and insisted on having his bed on a chair next to me whilst I work!  So funny.  He obviously found my work boring though, as within 10 minutes he had fallen asleep!


Thank you for your lovely photos today - I'm so pleased my maths video has helped.  These are your array pictures I have received.  You are all amazing!laugh


Since I've been typing, Toffee has decided I need a cuddle - it is making typing rather tricky!!



How did you get on with yesterday's brain teaser?  I wonder if you found all the squares, some of them were more tricky to find than others.

The answer was......14

As you may have noticed, I uploaded a video of me making a pinecone bird feeder yesterday onto the main year 2 home learning site for this week.  It is also in the 'my videos' part of my class page.  It looks like some of you have already been busy making your own.  Love it!  There will be some very happy birds today.