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w/c 27.4.20

Hello there! 

Hope you are all well.  I've been busy today baking healthy banana muffins - and they were delicious!  If you want to have a go, they are really easy to make and don't even need flour!  Here's the recipe:

I bought the Stevia from aldi from the baking section. 

Here's what I did...


Put everything into a bowl.            Mash up the bananas.                  Then add to the bowl.


Mix well together.                           Put into cupcake cases.                Eat and enjoy!  Yumcheeky


This lovely robin has been visiting my garden every day, and often stops for a 'chat'.  I have been leaving out some bird feed for him.  Have you had any birds visiting your garden?  When I'm next in school I'm going to make some bird feeders with the children, so will share on here to show you.


How are you?  Hope you are all keeping well.  I've had a 'rainbow day' today!  I painted more rainbow rocks, ready to deliver on a dog walk over the my new rainbow wig arrived!