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w/c 4.5.20

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend.  I have been in school twice this week, which has been absolutely wonderful.  On Monday, as well as our school work, we made pine cone bird feeders.  I have hung mine in the garden, and the birds have already had a nibble!


They are really easy to make too.  All you need is a pine cone, string, lard, porridge oats and bird seed.  First you tie some string to your pine cone so you can hang it up.  Then you squish some lard (or peanut butter) into your pine cone.  This gets really messy, but is great fun!  Next you press some porridge oats and bird seed into it, and of course it sticks to the lard.  Finally, hang in your garden and wait for the birds to arrive.




Then, on Tuesday we made bird feeders from empty milk bottles, string and a twig.  We decorated them with tissue paper, but you could decorate them with anything you have at homeI have filled mine with bird seed and the birds love it!


It has been lovely to hear from you again this week through email.  Here are some of the lovely photos I have received.  You are all so creative.

    I love this fairy garden!  Beautiful.


Some of you have also been thinking of others, and even raising money for them.  So wonderful. I am so very, very proud of you.  I have struggled to be able to share the link, but here are some photos to let you know how amazing you are...


I have received some lovely photos from you today.  Some of you have been decorating for V.E. day, writing letters to Captain Tom, giving biscuits to the ambulance people and busy doing home schooling jobs. 


I bet Captain Tom will absolutely love hearing from you - what a wonderful idea.


I love the 'mad science' costume!  You look like you had great fun!!!  Such a thoughtful idea to give biscuits to the passing ambulance drivers - you are amazing.heart

On Friday, we celebrated V.E. Day by having afternoon tea in the front garden.  It was lovely, and got to wave and say hello to neighbours and passers-by.  Hope you had fun too.



Even Toffee joined in!  He lay in the sunshine and had a ham sandwich!


Later we had a pot of tea and I watered the fairy garden.  Have any of you got a fairy garden?  They are really easy to make.  I will upload a video next week and show you.




Enjoy the rest of your weekend.  Look out for a new video in 'my videos' on our class page.  I am showing you how to make a pinecone bird feeder.