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w/c 8.6.20


Good morning.  Hope you are all well and have enjoyed a nice weekend with your family.  I received a lovely email this morning with a photo of the woodlice science investigation.  Looks like you had fun!  I have done this investigation with my bubble class today.  We are going to check the number of woodlice in 2 weeks time.

Happy Wednesday everyone.  I love the photograph below of a butterfly life cycle.  We are doing ours this afternoon in our bubble class.

Happy Thursday everyone.  I had the most amazing emails last night with wonderful photos of what you have all been up to over the last few weeks.  You have made my daylaugh.  You are all so creative and clever, I am so proud of you all.  My bubble class have been busy doing indoor P.E. this morning because of the rain.  Hope you are all keeping busy inside out of the rain.


You look like you have had lots of fun! I like your super power writing.

So creative. You look like a professional with your guitar!

A budding artist I think.

Such beautiful handwriting, and with a lovely pencil too!