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Weather Around the World - Geography & Science


Now that you are weather experts, finding out about the seasons of the year, the sun, wind and rain, take a look at the weekly weather charts that you have made.  What do you notice? Was the weather the same every day? How did it vary? Which was the hottest day? Which was coldest?  When was it the wettest? What changes have you noticed outside over the last 5 weeks?  What does this tell you about the season we are in, now?


Do you know that the weather we have can be a little bit different, depending on where in the UK you live, as well as the seasons?

Do you know that the weather in different parts of the world can be very different to what we get in Derbyshire?

Take a look at the pdf about weather around the world. We call these climates.

You've written some great postcards.  We often talk about the weather when we write them.  Can you find out a bit more about the weather in a country you may go to on holiday, in the future - maybe France, Spain or somewhere further away?