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Wednesday - 20.05.20

Don't forget.....

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Today, you will write your first diary entry.


Use your plan from last week and the prompts above to help you.


Think carefully about the date - you need to make it authentic!


You may also want to consider a name for your diary ... Anne Frank affectionately called her diary 'Kitty'.  



Anne addresses her diary letters to Kitty. Who was Kitty?

Kitty was the fictional character Anne eventually addressed all her diary letters to. The name Kitty came from a series of books Anne had read, by Dutch author Cissy van Marxveldt. These books were about Joop, a girl who had all kinds of adventures with her group of friends.

One of the books from this series was partly written in the form of letters. This inspired Anne to do the same: from 21 September 1942 onwards, she pretended to send letters to Joop’s circle of friends.

Kitty Francken was one of the characters from that group. Anne preferred to write to 'her'. The Kitty character in the Cissy van Marxveldt books was ‘bright', cheerful, and funny. And so, Kitty became the imaginary friend Anne confided in.



So rather than Dear Diary, how will you start your diary entry?