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Happy 10th Birthday, Sophie M. We all hope you have a lovely birthday. Make sure you send us some photos of your day. smiley

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Tuesday's Maths Answers 


Today you will be adding fractions. 


If both denominators are the same- just add the numerator- 

Remember- if the denominators are different, it is important to find a common denominator when adding fractions. Sometimes this means that we have to change one denominator, sometimes we have to change both. 


If the answer that you get is an improper fraction- think back to yesterday about how to convert it to a mixed number. 



Working Towards- TYM P.60 A Questions 1-8. This task does not require you to change denominators. 


Expected- TYM P.60 B Questions 1-8. You will need to change 1 denominator. 


Greater Depth- TYM P.60 C Questions 1-8. This task requires you to use your knowledge from yesterday. You may need to convert a mixed number to an improper fraction before you can complete the addition. You may need to change both denominators.