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Preschool Math Games Teddy Numbers Teddy Numbers is an interactive counting game for young children. They can have fun learning to cou...


Daily practise, can you use your number line to count to 20? Now practise counting in 2's. 

2   4   6   8   10   12   14   16   18   20

Have a go writing numbers in your book. 

Can you play the game feeding Teddy on Topmarks? Can you give Teddy the correct amount of cakes to match the number? 



Watch 'Come Outside - Eggs' 

Can you tell your grown up which animals lay eggs? In your book can you write a sentence or caption about an animal that lays eggs?

Can you draw a picture of an animal that lays eggs and colour it in? 

Mrs Badhan and Mrs Christie would love to see the work you are doing at home, remember to keep sending us pictures on Tapestry!

Finally, make sure to read every day to your grown up!


Come Outside - Eggs

Educational fun for children. Auntie and Pippin collect some newly laid eggs from the hens. Auntie looks at her scrapbook in which she has pasted pictures of...