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Have a bag of farm animals. Pick an animal but don't let your grown up see it. Now describe it to your grown up. Can they guess what it is? For example, you could say:

It has a curly tail...

It is pink...

It gives milk..

It has horns...

Now your grown up has to pick an animal and ask you questions. Can you guess the animal from its description? Now in your book, can you draw an animal and write a description.

Task 1

Choose one animal and write a description. For example:

It is pink

You could just write the initial sounds to words. See how you go. Make sure you have your sound mat to help you with your sounds. You also need to use your tricky word list smileyGreat work!

Task 2

Choose two animals and write sentences to describe them. For example:

It is pink

It has a curly tail

It has horns 

Well done!


If you have visited a farm, perhaps you could write some information about your trip!

Keep up the great work!


Warm up

Begin by counting on to 20 and back. point to number 10.. 15.. 8... 7... 18.. Now can you tell me the number that is 1 more than 7.. 9.. 12... 15...

Our number of the week is 17. Which number is 1 less... 1 more.. 17 is between ....... and ........


Have a selection of up to 10 objects. Place into two piles. Now count each pile and practise  writing a number sentence in your book. For example:

5 + 2 =

7 + 1 =

4 + 2 =

Now complete Task 1 or Task 2. Task 2 is bit more difficult. Choose the one which you can complete with a little help. Well done, we will be practising addition sums regularly!    

Task 1 addition to 10       1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10

Can you complete the addition worksheet 1 in your book? Use objects to help you. You can also use your number line to help you. Great work!

Task 2 addition to 20

Your task is to complete the addition worksheet 2 in your book. Remember to use objects to help with counting. Using a number line will help too!



We look forward to seeing your wonderful work on Tapestry!