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The Little Red Hen


Can you use your story map from Monday to retell the story. You could make some puppets to help you too. Print out the puppets we have given you or draw/paint/make your own. 

We are going to be writing today about the Little Red Hen.   

We are going to write speech bubbles today. Choose your favourite part of the story. Look at the worksheets and decide which one you would like to do. Ask a grown up to help you draw the speech bubbles in your book, or print off the worksheet. 

Write what the hen says. For example, "Who will help me plant the wheat?" Then you need to write the reply: "Not I." Use your tricky word mats and sound mats to help you with your spelling. If it is a word you don't know how to spell, just have a go and don't worry if the spelling isn't correct. The important thing is that you just try, using all the phonics you have learnt.   

If you find it tricky to write what the hen is saying then just try to write 'hen' and "Not I". Or, you could draw the animals and write the initial sounds and other sounds that you can hear.


Have you noticed that there is a '?' instead of a '.' at the end of what the hen is saying? Can you tell a grown up why that is?



Here are some more ideas and things for you to do and watch.

Hand print Little Red Hen

Can you be like the Little Red Hen and bake some bread? I wonder if you have better luck than the Red Hen and can find someone to help you?

Pip at harvest time

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