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Task 1: Maths

Today's maths involves using the column method to multiply. Remember: start with the ones! If you have any difficulty, refer to your resource pack or contact us for more support. As in class, if you are finding it too easy/hard, you can always change. Want more? Check out your challenge!


Use the digits 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Choose 3 digits to make a 3-digit number. (2 digits for an easier challenge)

Multiply this by a different digit. e.g. 123 x 4 (or 23 x 4 for an easier challenge)

What is the biggest number you can make? Smallest?

Even more of a challenge: repeat steps 1 and 2. Can you complete the multiplication before someone from home?

Task 2: English

A big well done for completing the tasks from the last two days! I have posted the answers below if you wish to check. Today we are going to do work on inverted commas, also known as ... ?


The task is below with a reminder of the rules when using inverted commas. Copy the sentences into your home learning books adding the correct inverted commas. Challenge: in a couple of the questions there is something else missing, can you spot what is it?


Don't forget there is the audio books to listen to if you wish.


If you want a super challenge why not have a conversation with someone in your house and write it down in your home learning books. Adding the correct punctuation of course!