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w/c 23.3.20

Last week we all painted rainbows for our windows, so I'm off on a RAINBOW WALK to see how many I can find!  I will let you know how I get on, I've put mine in my window, so make sure yours is in your window, I might just see it!! smileySaw lots of your rainbows! What a beautiful sunny day for a walk.  Here's a photo of my rainbows.  I have two rainbows for you to spot.


Toffee is enjoying the sunshine today and making me play ball with him.  I have done the Joe Wickes P.E. workout - have you?  Busy creating resources ready for school tomorrow now and checking if your grown ups have contacted me.  Enjoy your sunny day everyoneheart

I have had the most wonderful afternoon because I have received a beautiful story.mail  She wanted me to share it with you all, so here it is!  Enjoy reading it.  If you want to share any work with me, ask your grown up to contact me through our class page.yes

Good morning everyone!  Toffee and I enjoyed our breakfast outside in the sunshine, although Toffee kept a very close eye on my porridge!

After some online school work, I watched the penguins live from Edinburgh Zoo!  It was fantastic.  If you want to have a look, then ask a grown up to put 'Edinburgh Zoo live' into google and it comes up. You can watch the penguins, pandas, tigers and koalas.  Enjoylaugh

Good afternoon everyone.  Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine, it's glorious outside.  I have been busy gardening today; a bit of weeding and then planted some seeds.  I will keep you up to date with how they grow over the next couple of weeks, cross your fingers everyone! 


Toffee as been up to his usual cheeky self - following me everywhere and wanting to help with the gardening.  He was particularly funny when I was talking to my son on the phone.  Toffee could hear my voice and was jumping up at the window.  Very funny.  Keep smiling and enjoying your time with your family.  I'm in school tomorrow so might see some of you.heart


Had the most amazing time in school today with children from nursery to year 2.  We did all our school activities and then had lots of fun!  We made bubble wands and had great fun playing in the bubbly water.  The children also made things from pipe cleaners, including Toffee and wrote letters to our local Ada Belfield Care Home.  The weather was beautiful so we enjoyed the outside and played on the bikes too.  Such a joy to spend time with all those lovely childrenheart.


Over the weekend I made yummy chocolate brownies.  Have any of you been baking too?  If you have, I hope you enjoyed eating your yummy treats.yes  Toffee has enjoyed lots of cuddles this weekend, but wasn't happy that he couldn't eat the brownies.  He had some doggy treats instead. 


Good afternoon everyone, hope you have kept yourselves nice and busy today.  It has been a little cooler than yesterday, but I've still managed to potter in the garden.  My Aunty Betty phoned me earlier and she says she has left you all a nice video on the website to say hello.