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Week 1

Friday 27th March


Good Morning!


I've done it - I've now learnt how to get the story onto the webpage.  (I had to convert the file on my phone into an MP3 file before I could upload it!)


Hope you like it.smiley  Contact me and let me know what you think.

Humphrey's Tiny Tales: My Pet Show Panic Chapter 1

Share your work


Thank you to Callum and George M who have sent me some messages and pictures of what they are getting up to.  I am setting up a gallery for your photos so that you can all see them.


If you want to send me anything, ask your grown up to contact me via the contacts page and I will email them back.  Then they will be able to email me any messages or pictures from you as you can't attach anything to the contacts page. smiley


Time for another pirate joke.


Where do pirates get their hair cut?


At the barrrrrrrbers! wink



Thursday 26th March 2020


What another lovely day it is! I hope you are enjoying your home learning.


I have been for a walk this morning in the fresh air before I started my work for the day.  I hope that you are getting outside into your gardens and doing lots of exercise.  Let me know what you have been doing to keep fit.


Tonight we are going to clap for all of the amazing NHS workers and carers  who are helping to look after us to say thank you.  Perhaps you could join in!   Some important landmarks will be lit up blue too.  

Why not visit Newsround to find out more.


Unfortunately I have not yet worked out how to get the story I recorded from my phone onto the website - I'm so sorry.  I will have another go and try and get it on tomorrow.  sad



Before I go here is another pirate joke for you.


What did the pirate say when his leg got stuck in the freezer?


Shiver me timbers!! laugh


Mrs Astell wink






Wednesday 25th March 2020


Hello everyone!


I hope that you are all ok and enjoying your home learning.


I've missed you all this week but have been thinking about you and your families a lot.


I can see that some of you have been having a go on TT Rockstars which I am really pleased about and I'm sure Mrs Allen will be impressed too!


If you have any work that you would like to share with me, get your grown up to send me a mesage via the contacts page and then I will send them an email that they can then reply to with pictures of your work.


I am learning a lot more about how to put things on the web page for you.  I am hoping to start a story with you tomorrow which I think you are going to enjoy!  It's all about a class hamster called Humphrey.  You'll have to let me know what you think about it!


I was in school today and Ben and Barney are doing a good job of keeping an eye on our classroom.  If you want to send them a message about what you have been doing I can pass it on to them when I go to school again.


Keep enjoying the sunshine and be good for your grown ups at home.


Don't forget to look out for our story tomorrow.


Bye for now.


Mrs Astell


Humphrey the Hamster