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Week 10

Monday 15th June

I wish all the busy bees all the best. Its been so lovely to hear from Noah Sophie , Holly, Toby and Madeleine this week. Today we are going to share a lovely story about what to do if we feel worried at all by anything. Find out what happens to the character Ruby and what she does about her worry. 

There are lots of ways to express your feelings like playing with small world figures to act out our own story lines. You can try painting a picture to relaxing music , or dancing to your favourite song  this can all help you feel good. You can also make some 'feelings friends' with spoons or pegs with different expressions on how your feeling, you could also do this on small paper plates or cut out paper people ask your grown up to help you cut them out.

Tuesday 16th June

Its important to keep your minds healthy and happy busy bees, while your at home. Sometimes we can feel happy, sad, worried or tired. With your adults,  try this relaxing mindfulness exercise , and talk about how you felt afterwards.


Wednesday 17th June

This is one of my favourite stories, can you count how many animals get on the train?  Choose your favourite animal ( mine is the seal!) and find out about the different animals habitats and food they like to eat. You could even ask your grown up to find  a live zoo camera on the internet and watch some animals in the zoo.

Thursday 18th June

We are having a good look at different forms of transport. Use these sheets to talk about where the pictures should be, in the air, on the road, on rails or in water? If you have a printer you can cut and stick the pictures as you sort through them. 

Our sound this week is L l  don't forget to check to phonics link at the beginning of home learning. Can you match these sounds?

Friday 19th June

I'm hoping today that its not as wet as yesterday, and we have a few more dry spells over the weekend especially if your celebrating Fathers Day this Sunday.



Here are some busy doodle activities if you have toy vehicles at home, you will also need some pens and paper or if out side chalk and some sticky tape. Try mark making drawing roads, shapes, letter or number formation with your car pens.

Keep little hands strong for writing by trying one of these play dough activities. There is a play dough recipe on week 1, you can make texture in your dough by adding sand or small gravel or stones if safe to do so with younger siblings about.
This story 'All Aboard The Dinosaur Express' is read by the person who wrote the story. He is called Timothy Knapman and his job is an Author. Can a grown up help you find out who your favourite story at home is written by and what the 'Author' of the story's name is?