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Week 11 - w/c 22.06.20



What would be the consequences of someone going on holiday rather than paying the bills?


What skills would someone need to be able to make more of an informed decision when spending?


How could these skills help people be more careful with their money?


Make a poster of critical thinking skills which would appeal to adults.


What would the title be?






Task 1: 



There is a debate about how to use the term ‘Maya’ or ‘Mayan’.


In academic use, ‘Mayan’ is restricted to referring to their languages; ‘Maya’ is the adjectival form used for non-linguistic aspects.


Your task is to create a timeline to see where this civilisation sits in history.


Maya Presentation, Poster or Leaflet


Using the resources below, and any other information you can find on the internet, create a digital presentation

about the Maya using text and pictures.


If using a digital presentation, organise your work in a clear and interesting way, adding transitions

and backing music to create interesting effects 


Alternatively, you could create an informative poster or leaflet instead.


Task 3:

Maya Gods